Luxurious Hotels for Stay in Abu Dhabi

Hey! If you are looking for a luxurious stay, then Abu Dhabi is an ideal place for that. Plus, travelers need hotels that are closely located to the main attraction for easiness. So if you are going to Abu Dhabi for business, vacations or trips then Abu Dhabi is the perfect place. no doubt Abu Dhabi is a stunning city in UAE that attract many tourists and visitors for their premium stay. The city is full of beautiful sites, mosques, pristine beaches and traditional souks thus making it magnificent to visit. Plus, the city is offering wide options for its luxurious hotel which is what every travellers need. Hence, they could have a mesmerizing stay. Further, these hotels are full of ultra-modern facilities that hinder their popularity and worthwhile searching for other ordinary hotels. Though, one could not deny that you will be having a premium stay while resting in grand Abu Dhabi city.

In addition, its hotel offers its travellers various activities such as sand safaris, horseback riding and much more. Further, you could have swimming, gym workout, snorkeling and many more. This article will show you a list of some popular hotels for your stay in Abu Dhabi.

1- Deluxe Apartment with Sea Balcony 

If you are looking for a top leading hotel in Abu Dhabi, then the deluxe apartment is one of the fabulous options. The facilities you could enjoy while having a stay in this hotel are too much. It includes an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, garden, restaurant, spa, wellness center and much more. It is located on an island which means that it has rooms with sea side balcony. Other than this, this property offers you a pool table, Ping-Pong and free parking for your cars. Similar to a five-star stay which has amenities for washing, a tennis court, a supermarket, sea views, laundry and more. So if you are looking to book this hotel room then don’t forget to apply for promo code where you can reserve for low prices.

2- Studio Apartment on YAS Island

When it comes to the Japanese-inspired hotel then studio apartment in Abu Dhabi is the imperfect choice for a stay. There are several indulgences you can relish while staying in this hotel like private pools, free toiletries, and much more. In addition, the kitchen is fully equipped with a fridge, an oven and a microwave as well as a coffee machine and other essentials. Its popular location also offers you a nearby convenience store and plenty of restaurants within walking distance. However, you will be having self-check-in and check-out while visiting this hotel.

3- Cozy 1BR

Cozy 1BR is in the iconic tower of Abu Dhabi which is one of the exceptional hotels with a wide range of varieties. You can spend enjoying days in this hotel with your loved ones and family members. Luckily, this hotel provides you with a private swimming pool, garden, separate bedroom, living room and much more. Towels and bed linen is the main feature of this so everything is just great.