Quad Bikes for a Fun-Filled and Adventurous Tenerife Trip

Tenerife is a very beautiful island with greenery everywhere. If you want to get closer to nature, you must not miss out on visiting this place. Tenerife is also known for its nightlife.

You can find many clubs and pubs in Tenerife, and you can have great fun with your loved ones here. There are so many more things to try in Tenerife like hiking, boat hire, etc.

Most tourists who visit Tenerife rent a quad bike to enjoy the quad safari. There is also a Quad Park in Tenerife where you can enjoy quad biking.

At Quad Park, you will get fully automatic vehicles. The best part about this park is, you don’t require a driving license to drive a quad bike.

You will be provided with safety goggles and a helmet when going for quad biking. As you can find many guides or instructors, you can happily enjoy quad biking here.

What is the age limit to drive a quad bike in Quad Park, Tenerife?

The age of an individual must be 14 years minimum to drive a quad bike. The age of the passengers must be minimum 6 years.

Whether you are visiting this park alone or with your family or friends, you will have a good time.

Most people are busy with their work-life nowadays. Due to this, they are not able to spend quality time with their family and friends.

At Quad Park, it can cost you around 28 to 38 euros for 35mins.

Quad Safaris

If you wish to enhance your bonding with your children or your loved ones, try quad biking. Be it quad biking Tenerife or boat hire or whale watching or water sports, contact the team of Club Canary and they will arrange everything for you.

Their team helps you explore new places and try various activities in Tenerife. When you book a quad bike here, their team will pick you up at your hotel and drop you back there.

For quad safaris, drivers require a driving license. The minimum length of the trip would be 45mins and the maximum is 3hrs.

Quad Biking: Tips for Beginners

  • Make sure that you choose a quad that is easy to use. You must be physically strong to drive a quad bike. Choose a quad according to your experience and strength.
  • Pick some specialist hand gloves, ankle-high boots, and full sleeves t-shirt.

Apart from Quad biking, Tenerife is also famous for its food. Cherne fish is something which you must definitely give a try. This fish when grilled and flavored, tastes really awesome.

Goat cheese is also something that you must try here. You can expect some amazing pizzas in the restaurants here. Go for a walk in the morning and enjoy a coffee at one of the cafes here.

Just like the way you rent a quad, you can rent a bike here to explore different places in Tenerife. You can find many companies in Tenerife that offer quads and bikes for rent in Tenerife.