Quick Easy Steps to Secure a Work Visa for Canada

If you always wanted to make a great income and work in a good company but you are not getting opportunities in your area, you should consider other regions of your country or abroad. Yes, you can think about Canada as it is a popular place that welcomes skilled workers. When you have attained a work visa, things will get easier for you. You have no idea how you may open up some really wonderful opportunities for yourself with it. You must be attentive to the Canada work visa requirements and make sure that you fulfil them to get your visa.

Look for a job offer.

You require a valid job offer from a Canadian employer who can recruit foreign workers. The job should be full-time and even permanent. Moreover, it must match both your skills and experience. Of course, you can look into different options and find the one that is most suited to you.

Qualify for the specific Occupation.

You must know that Canada is one country that has a proper list of in-demand jobs known as the National Occupation Classification (NOC). You can explore the NOC list on the web. Your job offer must be in a NOC occupation, and that too at skill level 0, A, B, or even some particular level C jobs. Further, make sure that your job matches one that is given on the NOC list.

Fulfil the Education needs.

Most work visas demand that you have the right and most effective education and experience for the job. This can include:

–          Diplomas

–          Degrees

–          relevant work experience, etc.

Thorough Educational Assessment

If you have done your studies from outside Canada, you have to submit an educational Credential Assessment or ECA. It is to show that it matches the standards in Canada.  

Proper Language Skills

You should know that Canada has two official languages, namely:

–          English

–          French.

So, if you have strong English or French skills, it can improve your chances. You can look into the approved language tests on the web.  For example, you have to score well in IELTS to show your expertise in the English language.

Medical Exam & Police Check

You could need a medical exam to show that you are healthy and would not be a burden on the healthcare system of Canada. Moreover, you might also need a police certificate from your home country and even any sort of countries you’ve lived in for a long time. It is a must for proper authentication.

Apply for your Work Visa

You know, once you have the job offer and fulfil the other mentioned requirements, you can go ahead and apply for the work visa. But if you feel it is going to be a cake walk, not like that.  You must apply online via the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC website. Moreover, charges and needed documents depend on the work visa type you want to get. Well, Canada work permit processing time will depend on your documents and the type of visa you have applied for. Certainly, you can take assistance of professional visa consultants and they can make things simpler, efficient, and easier for you.

Proper Proof of Funds

You may require to show you have sufficient money to support yourself when settling in Canada. The amount that is needed can differ based on your situation. Certainly, you can explore more into this by speaking with the professional consultants.


Extra Points to Remember

Processing Times

Work visa processing times can always differ, so make sure that you do plan ahead.

Work Visas type

There are varied kinds or types of work visas. Every visa has its own requirements. Research the one that best suits your specific situation.

Immigration Consultants

Come on, you should not hesitate to take assistance and just consider using an immigration consultant to help navigate the entire process. However, remember it is not mandatory.


So, once you do follow these types of steps and use the resources provided, you would well on your way to working in the country like Canada. It is all about how well you prepare, understand, and execute!