Best Seasons for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Talking about the best time to do the trek, the month from March to May and the post-monsoon season is considered to be ideal. During this time the weather is neither so cold nor so hot. Also, the sky remains crystal blue, and the local people also add more flavor to your journey. However, we don’t mean the Everest base camp trekking in another month is not good. Thus if you are thinking of or planning to visit the base camp then spring and autumn are the best time to visit. Well, now let’s discuss more about the best season to have an Everest base camp Helicopter tour.

Helicopter flight in Spring Season:

Generally in Nepal, the spring season falls in the month of March, April, and May. This time is best for helicopter flights in the Himalayan region. The days are sunny and clear and the nights are also warmer than in other months. So the visibility is very good in spring. The weather is favorable one. Less rain and less windy days are best for the helicopter flight.

Spring time is considered to be one of the best times for Heli tour because of the awesome views of the Himalayas, the colorful landscape, and the flow of trekkers in the Everest region. To explore the climbing trip of Mount Everest climbers, this time is the ideal one. During this time the average temperature is around remains 25° C and the night temperature drops down to – 15° C. Thus, looking at moderate temperature, the view from the helicopter makes spring as one of the most trusted and ideal times for the Everest base camp tour.

Helicopter Flight in Autumn Season:

Weather plays a vital role when talking about the Everest base camp tour by helicopter. Adding to the autumn season, it generally falls under the month of September, October, and November. It is also considered to be one of the best times to do a helicopter tour of EBC.  During this month the weather is cool and the region also experiences less rainfall. The trees-covered hills are green because of the previous monsoon season. Thus, from the flight the sights are jaw-dropping and the days are also warm. The velocity of air is also low at the top of the peak. Because of clear sight and visibility autumn season becomes another ideal time or season to do an Everest Base camp tour via helicopter.

Talking about the temperature, the average temperature during this month ranges from 12°C-16°C (53.6°F-60.8°F). So, on the alternative, if you want to trek to the Everest base camp, you can walk on warm and sunny days. At night, however, the temperature drops to 2°C to -5°C (35.6°F-23°F) at this time of the year.  In these four hours of the day, you will able to see everything that you are seeking in the Khumbu region.  This is a highly recommended time for the Everest base camp trek as well.

Helicopter Tour in Winter Season:

In Nepal the month of December, January, and February are said to be winter. During this month the weather remains cold while the sky remains crystal clear. Thus, it is considered to be one of the best seasons for the Everest base camp helicopter tour. From the flight, you will able to see the snow-covered hills mountains, and valleys.

Because of the extreme coldness, most trekkers are afraid of trekking in the off-season due to fear of rainfall while trekking. They do not want to spoil their precious day or once-in-a-lifetime views and scenery because of rain. Thus, most of the trekkers withdraw their Nepal Visit during Monsoon and winter seasons. So, the alternate Helicopter tour is another thrilling option that you can do in this case.

But, for adventure lovers, there is good news. The weather in Everest in other months (seasons) is very unpredictable but in the case of December (winter season), the weather is predictable. In December, there is no rainfall in the Everest Region but sometimes there is snowfall in place of rainfall. Thus, the Helicopter at this time is good but the visibility might be not clear all the time. And one thing makes sure to check the weather forecast for the helicopter flight as snowfall might occur so it is better to check the weather before engaging the trip.

Helicopter tour in Rainy Season:

If you are planning for a helicopter flight in monsoon season, it is not advisable. The frequent change in weather will affect the regular flight and it is dangerous to fly in low visibility. Heavy rainfall might disturb the helicopter to fly and land at different places. So the helicopter tour of Everest is not suggested in the rainy season. However, it is possible to operate at this time.

While talking about the temperature, it is slightly warmer. Due to the rainfall, most of the places experience rain and wet weather which can lead to landslides on trails and muddy conditions, rainclouds can obscure the mountain views.

All in all, it all depends upon you to choose the perfect time for the Everest base camp tour.